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Tradeasia International Pte. Ltd. always had a strong bond with industrial basic chemicals and its trading. We have a strong network within the Asia Pacific, European Union, and the Middle East. Our customers are provided with not only quality products such as borax pentahydrate but also extended supply management services. We also provide other qualified products of chemicals and raw materials. Enquire now to get an interesting offer from us.

Borax Pentahydrate - Overview

Borax pentahydrate is counted as an important boron compound due to its properties in a wide range of applications. Found all over the world, borax pentahydrate is still dominated by Turkey. Borax pentahydrate plays a critical role in soil protection, sustainable farming, and balancing the nutrition of crops. Besides the agricultural application, a dominant segment of the global borax market is glass and textile fiberglass purposes. Tradeasia International as a global supplier of borax pentahydrate provides you with borax pentahydrate for your market solution. Get borax pentahydrate in different grades, quantities, and packaging right now.

Product Applications

Borax pentahydrate applications are mostly the same as borax decahydrate. It can be used in agriculture, glass and ceramic manufacture,  soap and detergent. Borax pentahydrate can also be added to fertilizers to provide boron as a nutrient to the plants.