Borax Pentahydrate - Overview

Borax pentahydrate is counted as an important boron compound due to its properties in a wide range of applications. Found all over the world, borax pentahydrate is still dominated by Turkey. Borax pentahydrate plays a critical role in soil protection, sustainable farming, and balancing the nutrition of crops. Besides the agricultural application, a dominant segment of the global borax market is glass and textile fiberglass purposes. Tradeasia International as a global supplier of borax pentahydrate provides you with borax pentahydrate for your market solution. Get borax pentahydrate in different grades, quantities, and packaging right now.

Manufacturing Process

The Uses of Borax Pentahydrate


Borax pentahydrate is essential for the growth and development of crops as the micronutrient addition in fertilizers for crops. By increasing the number of boron micronutrients in crops, it is expected that the crops will be more healthy and more productive.

Glass and Ceramic

Increasing demand for borax pentahydrate in glass and textile fiberglass is the major driver of the global borax market. Borax pentahydrate is known to be used as an additive for glass by employing the borax into the glass to increase the heat, chemical, and scratch-resistance of the glass.

Soap and Detergent

Borax is effectively improving the detergent’s ability to stain removal and bleaching capabilities. It is also boosting surfactant performance due to its cross-linking capabilities toward surroundings chemicals.


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